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Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell #2 Available to PRE-ORDER

Hey guys,

It has been a while I know but getting back on track with a lot of the projects and Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell is available to pre-order NOW with a 10-page preview when you do.

In issue #2 of Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell, we catch up with Betty and new companion Ronald as they continue to eliminate monsters and beasts that are the scourge of our world. In the good old U.S of A Betty and Ron’s relationship continues to grow as they battle with the nightmare that is The Mothman!

Get it at this link https://www.comixology.co.uk/Betty-The-Slayer-Mitchell-2/digital-comic/729836

I have to mention that issue #1 is also still available to purchase from ComiXology as well at the link below so go read it now if you haven’t already.


The team I am working with on this book Ka De Oki on art and Tiko Capdevilla of colours are absolutely smashing it, we are onto the FINAL ISSUE art wise and issue #3 will be finished up (and hopefully out) before the year is up.

Thanks as always for your support ????




Hey guys,

Technically it’s been available for a couple of weeks now but I am only just getting round to updating my website.

We have a few reviews on Comixology already and are rated 5/5 at FIVE STARS, super happy with that.

We have also had some great reviews on the below websites, feel free to click the link and have a read.


“Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell #1 is anachronistic in a way that offers readers a glimpse at a new character fighting known entities.”


“She’s a great character, and this is issue 1 of 5, so we can look forward to much more from her in the coming months. Now’s the time to get on board.”


“So, all in all, a good start to what could become a fun series of comics.”


“Proof positive that Markosia is home to some fine storytelling.”


“Making Betty “the Slayer” Mitchell a High Voltage book. But as always you don’t have to take my word for it, you can pick up your copy on Comixology.”


“I enjoyed reading through Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell and would love to read more.”

We also got a fantastic review from the guys at THE AWESOME COMICS PODCAST who said the awesome line.

“It’s like a cross between Buffy the vampire slayer and Penny dreadful and to be honest, if you said there was a comic or show like that I would think it would be fucking great.”

Listen to it here!

If you haven’t already purchased to read please do so as I think you will really like it, it is available from ComiXology at the following link.

Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell #1

A spate of grisly murders leads to a desperate plea for help from renowned monster hunter Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell. This one is personal though, when she finds out that the brutal killer is none other than Spring-Heeled Jack. It was he that attacked Betty previously and led her to the path that she is now on, hunting down monsters of legend, and she wants some closure!



Once all five issues are out digitally, the book with become a physical entity which will be available through all major book distributors.

Here is a look at the first pages to see if I can entice you into wanting more.

Want to say how unbelievably happy I am with the artist Ka De Oki who has been PHENOMENAL, he is actually pencilling page 4 of issue #4 at the time being and the colourist Tiko Capdevila who is putting out some crazy good pages (wait till you see the flashback scenes).

Will let you know when issue #2 is available.

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‘Almost’ by Giles, Dunham & Gonzalez Page 4 Peek from Kayfabe Anthology

Hey guys, been a while since I have put a post-up so thought I would share this sneak peek of a page from the eight page story ‘Almost’ that I wrote and lettered with brilliant art from Chase Dunham and Maxi Gonzalez with some phenomenal colouring.

The story is going to be in Kayfabe Anthology which as you probably already have guessed is all about wrestling.

The standard of talent working on the book is pretty amazing.

Will have more information on when it will be available soon but I can tell you that you can purchase it both digitally and in print from drivethrucomics.com when released.

Also after having some discussion’s with Chase and I am positive Maxi will be on-board we are actually going to be turning this story into a miniseries.

The three of us are MEGA busy on other projects for the remainder of 2016 but hopefully early 2017 we can get the pitch sorted to send to publishers 🙂

Here is a little sneak at page four from our story and an unlettered panel from page one.

Page 4 Página 01

Thanks for reading.

Chase Dunham Facebook Page HERE!
Chase Dunham Twitter HERE!
Maxi Gonzalez Twitter HERE!
My Twitter Here! (and at side of page)

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Wrestling Story by Me and Chase Dunham (concept art)


Thought I would post a little update about one of the projects I am working on.

I have been working on an eight page wrestling story that is going to be submitted for an anthology to be published for summer time 2016.

The story is called ‘Close’ and I can’t really tell you anything about the story itself but what I can share with you is some concept art from the artist I am working with, I am super happy to be working with Chase Dunham who I met when I lettered the book Sineater he does with writer Jo Jo King for Insane Comics.

This is cover for issue #2 before i came on-board to letter, available at InsaneComics.Com NOW and issue #2 available in a matter of weeks.


This is me by Chase 🙂

12342738_984941981578763_6019927144515658926_n (1)

I was instantly a massive fan of the art work and ecstatic when he agreed to work on this project.

Here is the first concept art for the ‘Close’ and can’t wait to show you more as we go.


Please give Chase a follow on twitter HERE and like his page on Facebook HERE.

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I Won Lettering Round for the Upcoming Comic ‘Jitney’

Some more news on the lettering front, I won the round of letters for ‘Wonderfunders Anthology Volume 2’ where I will be lettering a 5 page story in the anthology itself and a 22 page main story called Jitney.

The 5 page story will be based on Jitney as well leading into the 22 page story.

The group was created to provide a method for participants to make working connections with other comics creators, to create work that could be purchased, thereby giving all participants 3rd party publishing credits, to produce 1 x 22 page book per quarter that represented the best work of the group and an anthology where many creators collaborate on 5 page stories with as mentioned above ‘Wonderfunders Anthology Volume 2’ coming soon along with the 22 page Jitney.

For the 22 page story what happened was each round people would submit their effort for example the inker, colourist and here is my page I submitted for the lettering round, it’s a page from the upcoming story.


Then the group all vote on the best one with a poll and the winners from each round create the 5 page and 22 page stories.

Give the page a like HERE so you can keep up to date with the news on when they come out.

Really happy with this 🙂

Will also some news on ANOTHER awesome project coming soon with a great writer and phenomenal artist who are both pals.

Take it easy


Day Twelve Learning to Draw Comics/Manga and Where i Am At

I am now on day twelve of my learning to draw and thought I would put up a post at nearly the end of week two.

If you remember the first post HERE, I was drawing on lined paper from work and normal pencil that I didn’t even know the hardness or blackness of, well I got myself a proper pad, a set of twelve pencils from 4h up to 6b and even a ‘Faber-Castell’ four piece artists pen set for inking which is 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1.5mm.

Along with that I have even installed Photoshop to play around with too 🙂

I can definitely see improvements to my drawing and I kind of worked my way up from doing heads/faces to on Tuesday night I done a full bodied female with hand and feet etc along with last night (Thursday) I tried a male.

I found the make sooooo much harder than the female and I realise with both I still have a LOT of work to do hahaha

I will continue to draw full bodied male and females going into next week trying different poses and then will try to do some images with them interacting, fighting, kissing, hugging etc.

After that I think I will try some images with backgrounds before trying actual comic panels.

Anyways here is some of what I’ve done so far.

This was done on Sunday.
Week One




I also inked Tuesdays picture yesterday as well and just tried it in Photoshop this morning.

Took me ages to work out how to use the layers and I realize this is total garbage but figured would share anyways.

Just a first attempt but at least I understand it all a bit better, also done this in 20 minutes so could be a lot better if i put more time in but it was all just about finding way around the software.
First Colour

That’s all for now, I am trying to do one picture a day at present and that is why some are not as good as they could be, I possibly should take longer but I don’t want to dwell too much as it’s just a learning period 🙂

Take it easy


‘How dare you’ Step-Parents (poem)

I have been really busy lately with the comic book writing side of things but I did write this poem here called ‘How dare you’ Step-Parents.

I know a lot about step-parents in that I have a step-dad myself, my brother is a step-parent to his eldest daughter and my partner Sabrina who I wrote another poem for HERE is a step parent to my eldest and a damn good one at that.

There are many myths about step-parents like the ‘The Wicked Stepmother’ or ‘The Abusive Stepfather’ which just aren’t the norm, these are terms which are just ridiculous and from all the step-parents I have seen just not true.

It’s put into the mind set (like most things are) from the media with films and TV shows where they show the step-parent trying steal the affection from the child or being the bad abusive, cold hearted parent who resents the child being there.

The truth is much different, the truth is a parent who truly NEVER feels 100% accepted by all, the grandparents, the child, schools and teachers never really accept them and generally most of the population.

It’s difficult for anyone to become a step-parent as you don’t just fall in love with your partner YOU HAVE TO fall in love with the child no exceptions, even if they are a bit of a nightmare.

There is an expectation that you will just fall in love with the child immediately, and they you but that’s not true either, that is a relationship which both step-parent and child work at.

In the case of my partner who was already a step-parent to my daughter for five years, before my ex-partner and daughters biological mother passed away and she came to live with us.

This is a start of a whole new load of troubles with people looking in and being all like “you will never replace her real mother” or “I hope she doesn’t think she will make her forget her real mother” WE BLOODY KNOW THIS!!!

She carried on doing an amazing job being there for my daughter , in fact scrap that out OUR daughter like she already had been doing for years prior, the only difference being that instead of weekends and holidays she was staying permanently.

This is them way back in 2011
asfsr (195)

They have a hard job and people need to stop making it even harder for them.

I will forever be grateful for the relationship she has with our daughter and I will forever be grateful for my own step-dad who IS my kids grandfather and to all you other step-parents who step up through all the crap you get thrown at you THANK YOU……

‘How dare you’ Step-Parents

Here is your role should you choose to accept it, the one you will never be good enough at or be a success,
You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, how you really feel you’ll need to repress,
You’re going to be tested now by everyone you know, relatives, neighbors, friends and the child,
You’ve accepted the role of a step-parent you see, so sit down and strap in because it’s about to get wild,

Here is your ready-made child, who you will shower with happiness and give your heart,
You will be there for them always no questions asked, but some think of their life you should not be apart,
They’re NOT your blood, they’re NOT your DNA and they didn’t come from your womb,
How dare you teach that child right and wrong, how dare you try and help them bloom,

How dare you try and replace, a parent who isn’t there,
How dare you step up to the plate, and wipe away that child’s tear,
How dare you give that child your all, right up until your last breath,
Even though their real parent isn’t here, through being forced to, choice or death,

How dare you try to be a role model, teaching them right from wrong,
How dare you accept them into your life, making sure they know they belong,
How dare you rise up above everyone, when they are trying to destroy your name,
Even though you accept that no matter what, you will always be given the blame,

It winds me up and gets me down, the misconceptions out there for these people,
So what they weren’t there at the beginning, they still deserve to be treated as equal,
There needs to be some recognition, to the impossible job they accept,
I’ve seen one frustrated and exhausted, I sat with her as she just wept

It’s a role they accept for many a reason, but one that overall stands above,
The reason they accept becoming a step-parent is for that one special word, called love,
The last two lines now and I want to say, you step-parents to me are amazing,
Outstanding humans, who deserve more than you get, I will personally never stop praising.

Take it easy


Taking Writing to the Next level and Being REALLY Busy.

Haven’t posted for a while due to being really busy at work, home and with the writing so thought i would put up a little post as to what I have been up to.

As mentioned previously my comic ‘And the Come’ is being worked on with Chandra having finished the pencils and part inking on the cover and pages one and two.

Ah. what the hell, here is the pencils for the cover but this is all you are getting until its finished 😉


I have actually started writing issue two as well and currently am on page five of it BUT it’s on hold just now.

The reason issue two is on hold at the moment is due to three other projects I have going on, the first of which is for the Breaking Into Comics: Darby Pop’s Script Contest.

What is the contest?

“Script a one-off issue within the INDESTRUCTIBLE universe that is focused on Stingray (who appears in INDESTRUCTIBLE issues #1 – #4, which are collected in the TPB Vol. 1). A former superhero who turned (or was led) down a darker path, Stingray has the potential for a rich backstory that you should feel free to explore in whatever way you see fit. You can spin a tale that takes place before the events of the first TP. Or, after. Or even concurrent with. Please be mindful, though, that if you write something with implications too far-reaching, you might put yourself in conflict with our future plans. So, we’d really prefer you focus on a more personal story for Stingray. And feel free to utilize any of the other characters already established in any/all issues of INDESTRUCTIBLE — “our” world is your oyster.”

Darbypop Comics is an offshoot of IDW so it’s a good competition to enter and as the old saying goes, you’ve got to be in it, to win it 🙂

Anyways, I have finished my first draft and its being worked on for the second draft.

The closing date is October 22nd and so will work on it right up until 20th or so.

Along with this I am writing a four page Future Shock to submit into 2000AD

“Future Shocks are self-contained, four page science-fiction short stories with a twist ending. That means you only have four pages to establish your situation and protagonist, develop the situation through dramatic conflict, and then resolve it with an unexpected twist ending.”


I have the opportunity to work with another phenomenally talented artist on a short story and illustration book so am currently coming up with ideas for this.

All the while still working full time, spending time with my gorgeous misses and beautiful kids AND STILL running The Riddle Factory so really, REALLY busy and exciting times 🙂

Figured I would try for the next ten years to give the writing lark a proper good go and then at least will never wonder if I could have done it.

Probably be a few weeks before I post again.

Take it easy


Breaking, Break and Broke (poem)

Not really sure if i actually like this poem yet but the whole point of this site was to post my writing work good or bad and post updates when i can so what the hell.

I actually wrote it a week or so ago but figure instead of deleting it i will post and then instead of disappearing it will just be resigned to my website archives.

Aberdeen, the BROKEN City.

This image here was the first picture i ever got on ‘Flickr Explore’, i don’t use Flickr any more but i was chuffed at the time.

Explore is Flickr’s way of showcasing the most interesting photos within a given point in time, usually over a 24 hour period.

iphoneography (353)

Breaking, Break and Broke.

We’re BREAKING, BREAKING constantly, we’re BREAKING all the time,
Some go as far as BREAKING the law, do time for committing the crime,
Perhaps the crime committed was a BREAK, a BREAK in of someone’s abode,
Scumbag idiots do it all the time, it’s not focused to one post code,

BREAKING the bank when we know that we shouldn’t, just to get a treat,
It happens to most at some point you know, every woman and man on the street,
Some people BREAK dance showing their moves, if it was me I would BREAK my neck,
I’d need something there to BREAK my fall, no thanks I’ll take a rain check,

There’s people BREAKING up all the time, after a day, a month or years,
Sometimes leaving BROKEN hearts, and faces full of tears,
So many BREAK’s, all different kinds, around us every day,
Some are small, some are big and some just fade away,

Some people BREAK away, from things that were holding them down,
From as easy as ending a phone call, to as harsh as having to leave town,
Trying to make the BREAK through, move on from what has come before,
BREAKING out on their own, cutting the stress, the hardest part was walking out the door,

Meeting new people and BREAKING the ice, it’s not easy with social anxiety,
I only named one social disorder here, but if you look there’s quite a variety
Tense, dizzy, upset are you shaking? Does it feel like you’re going to drown?
If you’re feeling exhausted, tense and panicky, you might be having a BREAK down,

BREAK in, BREAK dance, BREAK beat, and BREAK up, hundreds of types of BREAK’s,
BREAK out, BREAK the mould or having a BREAK down, some come with higher stakes,
It’s only a word, its more than a word, it depends on how you look at it,
It’s my BREAK now, time for me to go, I’m out, I’m gone, I’ve split.

As always, thanks for reading if you did 🙂


Take it easy


Dear Self (poem)

I have another wee poem to share with you.

I wrote this one today whilst on my lunch at work and still a little unsure about it but what the hell.

When i write poetry and really anything as i go through the same process with comic books and short stories too i tend to just tear through it and then at the end make some little changes or tweaks.

Obviously with the comics and stories its just called ‘first draft’ and i go back for second draft but during the writing of the ‘first draft’ on any i don’t really ponder on anything too long.

Anyways i hope you enjoy this, its a letter to myself, from me on my deathbed.

This be me!

Telling me to get a grip.as (241)

Dear Self,

This is a letter from your deathbed you,
I want to tell you things that back then I wish you knew,
If you held this wisdom perhaps you could have grew,
You see life is meant for living man, it’s not just about getting through,

Stop stressing, worrying and focusing on what you don’t want to take place,
Stand up, take a deep breath and look at the world you need to embrace,
You need to STOP BEING UNGRATEFUL; you have a beautiful family at home,
They love you, think the WORLD of you, no need to get up in the morning and groan,

Moaning, groaning, worrying too much, all about things that make you scared,
Stop being jealous of others, I mean to no one’s life do you need to compare,
Your overlooking the beauty of small moments, taking your life for granted,
Spend time with the ones you love and you’ll see that it’s really quite enchanted,

I know you’ve got problems and think too much, it’s you that’s writing this letter,
Giving yourself some life lessons, so you can live your life a whole lot better,
Telling you to stop following the path of least resistance, berating yourself for old mistakes,
Letting others bring you down to their level, for all this shit just put on the brakes,

NO MORE holding grudges, feeling down or pretending to be someone you’re not,
Time to stop speaking to the wrong people, it’s time now to cut out the rot,
It’s time to start loving yourself again, to relax, have fun and enjoy,
You see your getting on a bit now self, you will soon be getting called “Old Boy”,

Start living in the present moment, you’re life you don’t want to miss,
Change your bad habits; look after yourself as so far you’ve been quite remiss,
Go home each night, kiss your kids and wife and remember these changes to do,
I hope it all works out from now on, all the best, yours faithfully, You.

take it easy