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My Boy Sonny (poem)

Although I will get to telling you about my writing projects I thought I would share a poem I wrote earlier on in the week for my middle child Sonny.

I have three kids, the eldest is a girl and two youngest are boys but Sonny is a special wee boy who happens to be on the Autistic spectrum and it’s been hard, it’s been real hard sometimes having a child on the spectrum.

Being a parent is hard enough, being a parent of more than one is even harder and then you get to being a parent of a child with Autism and it is the hardest.

Anyway I am not here to moan, preach or compare lives with anyone, just to post a poem 🙂

It’s obviously the first poem I have posted and I will post more but next I will tell you about the comic book projects I am working on and the stories too.

Sonny at the beach
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My boy Sonny

Life is hard enough as it is, for normal people like me and you,
Growing up and getting a job, just trying to make it through,
And if you’re lucky just like me, to also have kids and a wife,
People assume they know what it’s like, to live in your everyday life,

It’s not like that for the misses and me, we’re part of a special pack,
We’re different from other families, it’s not just white and black,
Going each day to make it through, without trying to be labelled,
It never happens though you see, because my son he is disabled,

No physical impairments to give it away, nor does he have a wheelchair,
But when he is out being really loud, it’s easy to see it’s there,
It’s NOT a badly behaved kid you see, it’s really not that simplistic,
What you see is my middle child, an amazing boy who happens to be autistic,

I love my three kids just the same, there’s no favouritism in any way,
We watch television go to the park, together we all play,
Having an autistic child can be hard, whether he’s your son or he’s your brother,
Frustrating and amazing at the same time, like him there is no other,

It annoys me when I read these parents, who claim they wouldn’t take it away,
It’s what defines him and who he is, along with other nonsense they say,
I would get rid of that bastard disability, I would do anything to make it so,
Just so he could live one day without it, my life I would even forgo,

For him to just do normal things, to see the world as it really is,
I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like, in that autistic world of his,
Anything is what I would give, really anything at all,
Just so he can see the world how it is, preferably for the long haul,

Or LET ME IN so I can share his world, understand what it’s like for him,
To see his colours, smell his smells, I would easily risk life or limb,
Join him in his odyssey, his epic adventure in what we call life,
Preferably with room for us all, his sister, brother, me and the wife,

It breaks my heart every day, knowing this will never be the case,
Knowing I won’t ever know what he thinks, when he is staring into space,
I’ve cried and screamed more times, than I honestly can remember,
Through frustration, guilt and blaming myself, January through to December,

With an autistic son it’s the little things, that bring happiness this dad,
The huge big smile and chuckling laughter, I am not going to focus on the sad,
A unique individual and a wonderful kid, extraordinary in every way,
Don’t get me wrong it’s still really hard, for his mum and me every day,

We never get any time for us, no one offers to babysit,
The problem is that everyone is scared, but no one will admit,
Yes he is hard work, yes he is different and yes he can make you cry,
But the tears are more from happiness now, why THE HELL doesn’t anyone try,

These last three lines I will try to explain, what autism is to me,
It’s that bastard disability that lives in my kid, which I dream every night would flee,
My beautiful boy that is being robbed, of leading a normal life,
He can count on one thing though every day, love from his sister, brother, me and the wife.

Hope you enjoyed it and it was ok as I am always really self-critical of my writing and this website is actually quite a big step but I thought what the hell, let’s put some stuff out there and get feedback whether good or bad.

Take it easy