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Hey guys,

Technically it’s been available for a couple of weeks now but I am only just getting round to updating my website.

We have a few reviews on Comixology already and are rated 5/5 at FIVE STARS, super happy with that.

We have also had some great reviews on the below websites, feel free to click the link and have a read.


“Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell #1 is anachronistic in a way that offers readers a glimpse at a new character fighting known entities.”


“She’s a great character, and this is issue 1 of 5, so we can look forward to much more from her in the coming months. Now’s the time to get on board.”


“So, all in all, a good start to what could become a fun series of comics.”


“Proof positive that Markosia is home to some fine storytelling.”


“Making Betty “the Slayer” Mitchell a High Voltage book. But as always you don’t have to take my word for it, you can pick up your copy on Comixology.”


“I enjoyed reading through Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell and would love to read more.”

We also got a fantastic review from the guys at THE AWESOME COMICS PODCAST who said the awesome line.

“It’s like a cross between Buffy the vampire slayer and Penny dreadful and to be honest, if you said there was a comic or show like that I would think it would be fucking great.”

Listen to it here!

If you haven’t already purchased to read please do so as I think you will really like it, it is available from ComiXology at the following link.

Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell #1

A spate of grisly murders leads to a desperate plea for help from renowned monster hunter Betty ‘The Slayer’ Mitchell. This one is personal though, when she finds out that the brutal killer is none other than Spring-Heeled Jack. It was he that attacked Betty previously and led her to the path that she is now on, hunting down monsters of legend, and she wants some closure!


Once all five issues are out digitally, the book with become a physical entity which will be available through all major book distributors.

Here is a look at the first pages to see if I can entice you into wanting more.

Want to say how unbelievably happy I am with the artist Ka De Oki who has been PHENOMENAL, he is actually pencilling page 4 of issue #4 at the time being and the colourist Tiko Capdevila who is putting out some crazy good pages (wait till you see the flashback scenes).

Will let you know when issue #2 is available.

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‘Almost’ by Giles, Dunham & Gonzalez Page 4 Peek from Kayfabe Anthology

Hey guys, been a while since I have put a post-up so thought I would share this sneak peek of a page from the eight page story ‘Almost’ that I wrote and lettered with brilliant art from Chase Dunham and Maxi Gonzalez with some phenomenal colouring.

The story is going to be in Kayfabe Anthology which as you probably already have guessed is all about wrestling.

The standard of talent working on the book is pretty amazing.

Will have more information on when it will be available soon but I can tell you that you can purchase it both digitally and in print from when released.

Also after having some discussion’s with Chase and I am positive Maxi will be on-board we are actually going to be turning this story into a miniseries.

The three of us are MEGA busy on other projects for the remainder of 2016 but hopefully early 2017 we can get the pitch sorted to send to publishers 🙂

Here is a little sneak at page four from our story and an unlettered panel from page one.

Page 4 Página 01

Thanks for reading.

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Wrestling Story by Me and Chase Dunham (concept art)


Thought I would post a little update about one of the projects I am working on.

I have been working on an eight page wrestling story that is going to be submitted for an anthology to be published for summer time 2016.

The story is called ‘Close’ and I can’t really tell you anything about the story itself but what I can share with you is some concept art from the artist I am working with, I am super happy to be working with Chase Dunham who I met when I lettered the book Sineater he does with writer Jo Jo King for Insane Comics.

This is cover for issue #2 before i came on-board to letter, available at InsaneComics.Com NOW and issue #2 available in a matter of weeks.


This is me by Chase 🙂

12342738_984941981578763_6019927144515658926_n (1)

I was instantly a massive fan of the art work and ecstatic when he agreed to work on this project.

Here is the first concept art for the ‘Close’ and can’t wait to show you more as we go.


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My Daughters Writing (She’s 13)

Hello again,

I just wanted to share something that is not actually mine.

My daughter Freya who is only thirteen years old has been writing for ages and would love to be in the writing business when she grows up and finishes university.

She writes all the time and especially loves to write fan fiction at the moment, she is a HUGE anime fan and this fan fiction I am going to share was written two months ago.

She uploads them to her deviant art and such HERE!

I think she is brilliant.

This one is about L from Death Note and is:

Freya a couple of years ago.

Young Love

Running out the door in your red pyjama bottoms and black t-shirt, you through your hair up in a bobble and ran down the corridor. Snoozing your alarm was a huge mistake. Thankfully you got to French just in time for the teacher arriving and you sat down in the only available seat, next to L. This wasn’t abnormal as every class you had together, you sat together. You weren’t best friends or anything but he didn’t have any friends and neither did you so it only made sense for you two to sit together. You didn’t normally speak but you never felt unwanted or uncomfortable. Honestly, you had started to develop a bit of a crush on him. You know you shouldn’t have but when you spend the majority of your time with someone, you started to like them. Everyone else thought that the boy was really weird. He was 13 and already he had bags under his eyes and had developed a slouch. He also never brushed his hair, only ate sweets and sat all bundled together in a sort of crouch. You liked this about him, how he was different. He wasn’t pretending to be someone he wasn’t or trying to be ‘cool’, he was just being himself and you loved that about him. You found it really upsetting how he was bullied here. I mean, you were too but you didn’t let other people get to you. There was only 1 thing that could crack you but that was 1 thing more than him, 1 thing too much. You needed to be more like L, invincible.

Your class was learning about the names of science apparatus and weapons in you double French class which were two new subjects but you and L got by no problem. Did I mention, you and L are the two smartest people in your orphanage for gifted children.

Through the class, you noticed L looking at you then looking away when you caught his eye. In fact, he had been looking at you a lot recently. It was quite weird because L never showed any emotion or any interest in anything or anyone except his sweets and his work. You wanted to ask him about it but as soon as you opened your mouth, the bell rang. Typical. You both had double criminology together next so, as usual, you walked with him. Even when he was slouching he was taller than you. It made you feel safe and protected. It made you feel as if everyone else around you who was sneering just wasn’t there.

When you got to class, your teacher was standing at the front of the class with the words ‘paired cases’ written on the board. Great.
“As you can see, i have decided to give you an assignment to do in pairs. I want it to be worked on both during and outside of class time, and i want it finished for a fortnights time” Mr. Roger said, “you can also choose your partner”. At this, everyone in the class merged into two groups, boys and girls, where they started to decide who would go with who and by the looks of things, it was going to be a slow process. You and L remained where you were and just looked at each other.
“K, would you very much mind being my partner?” L asked you.
“I wouldn’t mind at all”.

It took a full five minutes for the rest of the class to select their partners while you and L just sat looking at the board. Or at least, you were looking at the board while L was staring at you. Once the class had settled down, Mr. Roger handed out all of the cases.
“The police had more serious things to deal with than these, they are just minor cases but they still need to be solved so take this seriously” he explained. The case that landed on you and L’s desk read ‘The animal meat case’. L rolled his eyes and you gave a small sigh. This was going to be easy. You opened the folder and found a single sheet of paper with all of the information inside.
“All we really need to do is wait at the restaurant on Saturday and then follow the meat truck to see where it takes us. Easy.” You explain while L nods his head.
“You have nice eyes” he said. Wow.
“Thanks” you say brightly while trying to angle your head to hide your blush.
L simply gives a small smile before getting a piece of paper and writing up a small summary of your plans for Saturday. In just 2 days you would be going into the city and spending the whole day with L. After that you were both excused to go to the computer room and get directions and more information about this restaurant. Time flew by and soon you were walking towards the lunch room.

You again spent the whole time with L and you actually had a conversation with him about when you were going to be detectives when you grow up. After lunch you decided to spend some time in your room before going to psychology class. On the way there, you bumped into some of the older boys from your year. They really didn’t like you and L and often teased and bullied you. J was the main boy in their little group. He was tall and intimidating
“Hey, L, got yourself a girlfriend?” they said. He mumbled a reply of something like ‘she’s not my girlfriend’ and tried to push past them while holding onto your arm but they would let you go.
“Hey, wait. L, some bro to bro advice. Leave her, we all know the only reason her parents left and got themselves killed is because they didn’t want her.” That was it. That was the thing. Your eyes widened a fraction before falling to the floor. You bowed your head and had tears in your eyes and started to sob. L looked round to see you in tears and he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Just leave us alone! What did we ever do to you, Jefferson?” L said before pushing past him and his friends, still holding your arm, and marched you into your room.

Your bully, J, was still rooted to the spot. He was used to people shouting back, in fact, he usually enjoyed seeing it, but L had never done anything like that before. And how did L know his name? He had never told anyone his name before. Ever.

In your room, L was sitting next to you on your bed while you wept on his shoulder. L was stroking your hair. After about 5 minutes, you had stopped sobbing and looked up to L. “Thank you, for sticking up for me and comforting me” you said. L said nothing but gave you a small smile that you happily returned. The two of you spoke for quite a while after that, not about books or dead animals or Japanese classes but about yourselves. Your past, present and future. Before long the bell rang for classes to start and like usual, you and L walked together. Nothing was different except if you looked close enough, you could tell that the two of you were holding hands.

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