Month: July 2015

I Won Lettering Round for the Upcoming Comic ‘Jitney’

Some more news on the lettering front, I won the round of letters for ‘Wonderfunders Anthology Volume 2’ where I will be lettering a 5 page story in the anthology itself and a 22 page main story called Jitney.

The 5 page story will be based on Jitney as well leading into the 22 page story.

The group was created to provide a method for participants to make working connections with other comics creators, to create work that could be purchased, thereby giving all participants 3rd party publishing credits, to produce 1 x 22 page book per quarter that represented the best work of the group and an anthology where many creators collaborate on 5 page stories with as mentioned above ‘Wonderfunders Anthology Volume 2’ coming soon along with the 22 page Jitney.

For the 22 page story what happened was each round people would submit their effort for example the inker, colourist and here is my page I submitted for the lettering round, it’s a page from the upcoming story.


Then the group all vote on the best one with a poll and the winners from each round create the 5 page and 22 page stories.

Give the page a like HERE so you can keep up to date with the news on when they come out.

Really happy with this 🙂

Will also some news on ANOTHER awesome project coming soon with a great writer and phenomenal artist who are both pals.

Take it easy