Month: February 2015

Day Twelve Learning to Draw Comics/Manga and Where i Am At

I am now on day twelve of my learning to draw and thought I would put up a post at nearly the end of week two.

If you remember the first post HERE, I was drawing on lined paper from work and normal pencil that I didn’t even know the hardness or blackness of, well I got myself a proper pad, a set of twelve pencils from 4h up to 6b and even a ‘Faber-Castell’ four piece artists pen set for inking which is 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1.5mm.

Along with that I have even installed Photoshop to play around with too 🙂

I can definitely see improvements to my drawing and I kind of worked my way up from doing heads/faces to on Tuesday night I done a full bodied female with hand and feet etc along with last night (Thursday) I tried a male.

I found the make sooooo much harder than the female and I realise with both I still have a LOT of work to do hahaha

I will continue to draw full bodied male and females going into next week trying different poses and then will try to do some images with them interacting, fighting, kissing, hugging etc.

After that I think I will try some images with backgrounds before trying actual comic panels.

Anyways here is some of what I’ve done so far.

This was done on Sunday.
Week One




I also inked Tuesdays picture yesterday as well and just tried it in Photoshop this morning.

Took me ages to work out how to use the layers and I realize this is total garbage but figured would share anyways.

Just a first attempt but at least I understand it all a bit better, also done this in 20 minutes so could be a lot better if i put more time in but it was all just about finding way around the software.
First Colour

That’s all for now, I am trying to do one picture a day at present and that is why some are not as good as they could be, I possibly should take longer but I don’t want to dwell too much as it’s just a learning period 🙂

Take it easy


Teaching Myself to Draw Comics/Manga and Ray Fawkes Inspiration.


Thought I would have a little post about my drawing up, or should I say attempt at drawing as I am not very good.

It started because for my New Year’s resolution I decided to trim down my hobbies and focus on just the ones I was passionate about as I didn’t have enough time for them all.

I was spending too much time watching sport, running a few websites I had little or no interest in anymore and so I stopped them.

Now after this I was basically just writing, reading, watching the odd TV show/Film and spending time with my family which was nice but I did have a little spare time and I really wanted to fill it with something new, something again that I was passionate about, and then I seen this.


I am a massive Ray Fawkes fan in regards to both his writing (Mnemovore, Constantine, Justice League Dark) and his art which you can see on his website HERE.

Now ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to be able to draw but have just not been any good BUT I though SCREW IT, and it’s my new hobby the break the monotony of looking at a screen when both at work and whilst writing.

Feeling inspired by Ray I headed to the supply cupboard at work (shhhhhhh) and got myself a notepad, pencil and rubber and the first day began.

Being a comic book fan as you are probably well aware of I thought I would try and draw someone, I didn’t know who, what sex, age or anything I literally just started drawing and came up with this.


I rubbed out the eyes a few times and struggled a bit with them and so hence the practice eyes on the sheet.

In all honesty it was better than I thought it would have been, I haven’t really attempted to draw since 2nd year at school 23 years ago unless you count suns and rainbows with my kids.

It seems due to the fact I was (kind of still am) an anime and manga fan so my drawings kind of fell Into looking like that I think.

After that I spend an hour Monday night drawing eyes and another 30 minutes dinner time yesterday doing the same like in this image.


I have got a better understanding now definitely than I did on Monday and then Tuesday night I drew this 🙂


Looks much better I reckon, and then today’s dinnertime I have just drawn this 🙂


Anyways, I know I am not amazing and I don’t expect to be drawing any comics anytime soon but it does feel good finally learning.

My main hobby will still be writing though and any comics you get from me will have my name firmly under the ‘writer’ section and not the art one.

Next I’ll try some mouths/lips as struggled a bit with them too.

Will show you some updates over time and hopefully see some improvements, hell, I might even start a deviantart 😉

Should have some news on ‘The Odd Lot’  and ‘Here They Come’ in a week or two also.

Take it easy