Month: September 2014

Breaking, Break and Broke (poem)

Not really sure if i actually like this poem yet but the whole point of this site was to post my writing work good or bad and post updates when i can so what the hell.

I actually wrote it a week or so ago but figure instead of deleting it i will post and then instead of disappearing it will just be resigned to my website archives.

Aberdeen, the BROKEN City.

This image here was the first picture i ever got on ‘Flickr Explore’, i don’t use Flickr any more but i was chuffed at the time.

Explore is Flickr’s way of showcasing the most interesting photos within a given point in time, usually over a 24 hour period.

iphoneography (353)

Breaking, Break and Broke.

We’re BREAKING, BREAKING constantly, we’re BREAKING all the time,
Some go as far as BREAKING the law, do time for committing the crime,
Perhaps the crime committed was a BREAK, a BREAK in of someone’s abode,
Scumbag idiots do it all the time, it’s not focused to one post code,

BREAKING the bank when we know that we shouldn’t, just to get a treat,
It happens to most at some point you know, every woman and man on the street,
Some people BREAK dance showing their moves, if it was me I would BREAK my neck,
I’d need something there to BREAK my fall, no thanks I’ll take a rain check,

There’s people BREAKING up all the time, after a day, a month or years,
Sometimes leaving BROKEN hearts, and faces full of tears,
So many BREAK’s, all different kinds, around us every day,
Some are small, some are big and some just fade away,

Some people BREAK away, from things that were holding them down,
From as easy as ending a phone call, to as harsh as having to leave town,
Trying to make the BREAK through, move on from what has come before,
BREAKING out on their own, cutting the stress, the hardest part was walking out the door,

Meeting new people and BREAKING the ice, it’s not easy with social anxiety,
I only named one social disorder here, but if you look there’s quite a variety
Tense, dizzy, upset are you shaking? Does it feel like you’re going to drown?
If you’re feeling exhausted, tense and panicky, you might be having a BREAK down,

BREAK in, BREAK dance, BREAK beat, and BREAK up, hundreds of types of BREAK’s,
BREAK out, BREAK the mould or having a BREAK down, some come with higher stakes,
It’s only a word, its more than a word, it depends on how you look at it,
It’s my BREAK now, time for me to go, I’m out, I’m gone, I’ve split.

As always, thanks for reading if you did 🙂


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